How it all began
In 2015 Dan and Julia Spangler decided to leave the big city for the idyllic town of Half Moon Bay, California. They wanted a special place to raise their family. It was shortly after that move that Dan, inspired by his newly adopted home, would decide to make an even more significant change. After over twenty years in the food business, he knew now was the time, and this was the place. Dan came home and said to Julia, “We're buying a cafe!” Julia knew that Dan had always wanted to open his own restaurant. However, she wasn’t sure that the birth of their soon to be born triplets was the best time to try. One look at the hard-working Nebraskan she married, told her that he could do it. And he would.

One set of triplets. Three businesses. And six years later, Dan and Julia are thrilled with the extraordinary place that they and their market, deli, and catering family have built with Spanglers.

Spanglers Market, Spanglers Deli, & Spanglers Catering are all inspired by Dan’s lifetime love of food. It takes the warm family-owned markets that he grew up with in Nebraska. Adds the fresh and organic produce that are the best of the coast. And mixes in the five-star service that Dan learned from some of California’s best restaurateurs.

We hope you enjoy our market.
Dan, Julia, Luca, Noah & Stella

Welcome to Spangler's Market-We feed the Coast!